"Kensington is a place where troubled people go to try to find answers. Oftentimes, they end up losing their lives here."

Independent filmmakers James Sindaco, Sarah Fry, and Brad Larrison are the minds behind a series of short documentary projects called This is Kensington, which examines the brutal realities of this long-struggling Philadelphia neighborhood.

Riddled with violent crime, drugs, and broken dreams, Kensington is one of many blighted Philadelphia neighborhoods trying to make a comeback. Developers have recently begun to turn around the nearby Fishtown and Northern Liberties neighborhoods, but the same just can't be said for Kensington.

This project recently made headlines when videographers were caught in the middle of a shootout that left one man dead and another injured in broad daylight as children screamed and adults panicked at the sight of a bloodied victim hunched over his steering wheel.

Take a look at the full project at and check out the video below that begs the question, "What is Kensington?"