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I served as Interim Editor for Curbed Philly in early 2013, and I currently freelance with Curbed on a regular basis. Check out some of my articles below -- all links will open in a new tab.

What Could Norman Foster Bring to Philadelphia? [09.17.13]
• Rally for the Rail Park to Benefit Philly's Own High Line [09.13.13]
Mighty Writers Brings New Energy to Lancaster Avenue [09.12.13]
Coming Soon to Francisville: the Eco-Friendly Folsom Powerhouse [08.06.13]
Looking For a Project? Here are 15 Great Candidates for Adaptive Reuse [08.06.13]
Footsteps to Follow: 10 Examples of Effective Adaptive Reuse [07.29.13]
• The Definitive Guide to Philadelphia's Historic Hotels [06.26.13]
• Echoes of an Extravagant Past: The Ben Franklin House's Continental History [06.25.13]
• Philly's Most Famous Hotel Vacancy, the Divine Lorraine [06.24.13]
Could Land Banking Offer a Better, Safer Way Forward? [06.06.13]
• School Closures Coming in June. Here's a Map to Help you Cope [05.16.13]
How Philadelphia Became the City that Bombed Itself [05.13.13]
• Eight of the Coolest Abandoned Places in Philly [03.27.13]
• Talking Preservation with a Top Urbex Photographer [03.25.13]
• Philadelphia Porn King's Hilariously Outdated Society Hills Tower Condo Asks $1.15M [03.25.13]
• The Forgotten Warwick at Rittenhouse Square [03.20.13]
• Stephen Girard Home Complete with Bat Cave Asks $2.4M [03.20.13]
• Inside 1706 Rittenhouse's Multi-Million Dollar Condos [03.19.13]
• Southstar Lofts to Break Ground Tomorrow [03.19.13]
• A Look Inside Two Liberty's Soon-to-be-Repurposed Condos [03.18.13]
• What Needs a Bigger Overhaul: PATCO's Cars or its Social Media Presence? [03.18.13]
• Ninth National Bank Building All But Gone [03.15.13]
• Rocky and Adrian's Home From Rocky Two Listed For $140k [03.15.13]
• 10th Floor Condo at The Ayer Asks $4.95M [03.14.13]
• Update! SEPTA Tokens on the Way Out, Fare Hike on the Way In [03.14.13]
• People of Philly Could Not Stop Crashing Into Walls Yesterday [03.12.13]
• Here's the New Glass Building Coming to 15th & Walnut [03.08.13]
• Cira South Complex Slowly Taking Shape [03.08.13]
• Embattled Construction Project, Goldtex, Starting Tours [03.07.13]
• Condos Are Out: Hotel to Open Within Two Liberty Place [03.07.13]
• Impressive 'Nova Mansion with Gorgeous Grounds Asks $3.9M [03.06.13]
• Plants Mask Construction Site Near 30th Street Station [03.06.13]
• Rare Washington Sq Home from James Madison Era Asks $4M [03.05.13]
 Sitting Down with THE Boyd Preservationist [03.04.13]
• The Roxy is Asking for Your Help Via Kickstarter [03.04.13]
• Update! Roxborough Really Doesn't Want a Wendy's [03.01.13]
• Old Edison High Dunzo: To Be Replaced by Save-A-Lot, Burger King & Family Dollar [03.01.13]
• Nosego's Street Art Brings a Burst of Life to Philly [02.28.13]
• Tower Place Joins the Instagram Crowd [02.28.13]
Here's a Penthouse at The Drake for $7K/Month [02.28.13]
• Are Drastic Measures Needed to Save Historic Buildings? [02.27.13] 
• Live it Up in a Phillies-Friendly Building With a Robot Garage [02.27.13]
• Looking Back at the Fire that Took 1 Meridian Plaza [02.27.13]
• Is the Bunting House Lot About to Become a Wendy's? [02.26.13]
• A Quiet Summer for Independence Mall? [02.26.13]
• Crazy High Photos of Glass Staircase Atop the Comcast Center [02.26.13]
• Getting Inventive/Deceptive to Cash In Oscar-Nominated Film [02.26.13]
• Church of the Assumption Still Standing... For Now [02.25.13]
• Goodbye Forever, SEPTA Tokens: Electronic Payment is Coming [02.25.13]
• Bicentennial Era Tourist Video Urges You to "Find Philadelphia" [02.25.13]
 What Should Be Done With The Reading Tunnel? [02.13.13]
Want to Join a Whale Neighborhood? New Rittenhouse Rentals [02.13.13] 
Want to Live in the Sky? Check Out This 45th Floor Condo [02.13.13]
• New Video Details Development for Market8 [02.13.13]


All images were shot and edited by Zach Patten.